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Beginning, Sunday May 1st we'll be starting "Idols: Then, Then and Now"

Explore Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern conceptions of idols as well as how idolatry functions through the New Testament and into our very own day and age. This is a 6 week exploration where it will be best if you can attempt to be present for every session.

This class will principally explore the nature of idols. We will touch on aspects of idolatry (worship of idols) as well as the nature of the divine. As is our custom, we will do this with our eyes intent on understanding, as best we can, what those in the Ancient Near East would have thought while experiencing, writing, reading or hearing about these things.

Join us at 9am in the Learning Center (to your right as you enter the building).

Christianity, culture and conversation

C3 intends to encourage critical thinking, biblical application and gospel-centered living in all areas of our lives. We have created a space where people can participate in the discussion of relevant cultural topics with a biblical foundation.

Join us at 11am in the Learning Center to participate in the discussion.