grace university

Current Class Offering: Foundations: The Books of Moses

February 19: Introduction to the Pentateuch & Overview of Genesis

February 26: Key Events in Exodus

March 5: Overview of the Law

March 12: Overview of the Tabernacle

March 19: Overview of Leviticus

March 26: Overview of Numbers

April 2: Overview of Deuteronomy

Upcoming Class Offering:  Christian Living: Gifted - Finding Your Place in the Church

Join us at 9am in the Learning Center (to your right as you enter the building).


Grace University Classes

  • Provide an overview and framework for understanding the Bible
  • Requires no prior Biblical knowledge on the part of attendees
  • Classes focus on significant ideas, themes and passages
  • Over the course of a few years, be exposed to the entire Bible
  • Goal is to inspire a desire to dig deeper into the Bible
Christian Living
  • Practical application of Scripture across diverse aspects of our lives
  • Examples include financial discipleship, apologetics, evangelism, parenting, marriage, and spiritual gifts
  • Goal is to help you access the wisdom and experience of others so that you can live out the Christian life more abundantly
Biblical Studies
  • In-depth study of the Bible and verse-by-verse analysis
  • How cultural contexts inform understanding of the text
  • Theology classes that systematically approach the Bible
  • Learn to see and trace themes throughout the entire Bible
  • Goal is to help you explore and come to enjoy deeper study

Christianity, culture and conversation

C3 intends to encourage critical thinking, biblical application and gospel-centered living in all areas of our lives. We have created a space where people can participate in the discussion of relevant cultural topics with a biblical foundation.

Join the discussion at 11am in the Learning Center (to your right as you enter the building).