Grace Community's Plan for

Safely worshipping together

Worship services will continue to employ socially distanced seating, greetings and offerings. Masks will be required at 9AM service and encouraged at 11AM service. 

For both services, we will be providing red, yellow and green wrist bands to communicate to those around you your comfort level regarding social distancing. A red band indicates, "no contact, 6 feet please." A yellow band indicates, "elbows only, still being cautious." A green band indicates, "I'm ok with hugs or high-fives."

Grace Kids: 

Masks are required for children 2 and over during the 9AM service.

Masks are encouraged for children 2 and over during the 11AM service.

We will have temperature checks for each child.

We are helping the kids social distance with colored boxes on the floor.

We have a toy bin for each age group/service time.

We have red, yellow and green stickers for your child's name tag - see wristband colors above.

We are sanitizing and disinfecting rooms and surfaces before and after services.

For those desiring to continue worshiping with us from home, the Sunday service will be broadcast on YouTube Live.  

As we safely reengage in community together, we ask everyone to be loving, considerate and sensitive to the conscience and comfort levels of your brothers and sisters.  

When in doubt, it is best to ask. Please also do not judge or pressure one another, especially when their approach may differ than yours. One's spiritual maturity is not defined by their response to COVID-19, but rather by their love for the Lord and others.